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Short stories

An Eye on You

An Eye on You

He was lying there, still twitching with the last angry blotches of life. His lips had been baked in the sun and he groaned. He did not notice me at first in his agonies. He was busy cursing the gods and the fates and everything else. I did not feel sorry for him. What did these idiots expect when they came into the desert? They did not know its ways. They could not live here. Yet they came.


Fucking tourists.


He saw me now and he stopped cursing. He even stopped moving, but I could still hear his torn-up-paper breaths. What was he so scared about? He looked petrified. Perhaps the closeness of death appalled him. And now – he was actually trying to drive me away! The sun must have driven him quite mad. He made a few feeble attempts, so I just waited. Neither of us was going anywhere. Eventually he gave up. They always give up.


He was silent now, although he still twitched. He looked up at me with his one eye. The other burst in my mouth like a grape and the juice poured out over my beak onto the hard sand of the desert.



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