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My Diary: 23rd October 2014

I took a day off from painting my brother’s new house today. It was a quite relaxing day and also very exciting, since it was Diwali and I was looking forward to the fireworks my brother had brought for the children. I spent the morning uploading book reviews and my article on Roald Dahl on a website for academics and then setting up my blog which will feature my diary, my poetry and my short stories.


When my brother came home from work (late) and we had all eaten supper, it was time for the fireworks. My mother was frightening M. by telling him that that she was going to send him up into space on a rocket, which she did quite persistently. She also started showing him the rocket, which prompted quite a few protestations on his part. It was fun watching the fireworks and the display of lights and to feel the smells of the smoke and hear the loud bangs, but there was also an element of fear involved. As I watched my brother taking all the risks in setting up the fireworks and my dad standing nonchalantly near the explosions, I wondered if they had the same fear of being burnt and mutilated at any level.


Afterwards, I watched the new series on TV – David Attenborough’s Life Story. I was particularly fascinated by the birds which fell from the cliffs because they couldn’t fly and which survived nonetheless. The filming of the young bird falling was spectacular.



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