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24th October 2014

24th October 2014


Today I got a nice new green blazer in the post today, which I had ordered off the internet from a seller in China via my little brother, who is better at internet shopping than me. Although it was a bit snug in the arms, it was perfect. The colour was so beautiful. Green has increasingly become an important colour to me. It is supposed to be the colour of our family according to my father and it was also the colour of our school uniform when we were in High School – we had to wear the green blazer all the time. But far from making me fed up with it because of this, it has a comforting ancestry now.


I was thinking today about Western Civilisation. Ghandi famously said that there was no such thing and I myself started going down the same route in thought. I was thinking of all the books you can buy on the thing that is supposed to be Western Civilization. Why can’t you buy a book that is about Eastern Civilization? Why can’t you buy a book on Eastern History, but you can buy many on the thing called Western Civilization? Is it because only the west thinks of itself in this reified, monolithic way? Is it because the West has a more unified identity? Maybe I should pick up one of the books on the topic in the future and check out how they justify their existence – it should definitely be an interesting read.



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