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My Diary

28th October 2014

My dream this morning: I was sitting in the Classics room in my old High School next to N. Knight, one of the boys that I went to school with and who, last I heard, had done a PhD at Oxford in some scientific subject and then went on to study medicine. I kept on telling him that this was a dream and pointing out the evidence for the reasons that it was a dream. One of my old English teachers was at the front and he asked if anybody had been to the police station. Then, he pointed out some textbooks or journals about law and literature (a subject I’m studying at the moment) and I could read the title ‘Law and Literature’, which had the same font as a book on Romanticism I own (which I studied as an optional extra with no course credits at University in my undergraduate degree on English Literature). The picture then changed – I was staring at a display of artworks all compressed together on a wall (I couldn’t make out any of the individual images or details). I said to myself, ‘None of them are famous’. I looked again at the wall and the pictures all changed. (I then woke up).


The dream is clearly about what I’m studying at the moment (including the artworks) and the competitive aspect of wanting to become a successful PhD candidate and doctor…



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