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the connoisseur of the sneeze

he savoured the sneeze

like a connoisseur would savour a fine wine

or a fancy chocolate

the taste of the sneeze

was infinitely varied

at the beginning

there was the joyous tingle

with its subtle shades of refinement

there was the tingle of the heightened sensitivity

the faint tingle which slowly grew to build anticipation

the seductive tingle which promised much

the evanescent tingle which hovered

between fulfilment and frustration

which one had to follow in the mouth and nose

with intense concentration

and perfect dedication

so as to bring it to full life

he loved this tingle

which was on the tip of the tongue

and then the main course

the full-bodied sneeze with its delicious energy

which left spots in the eyes in its aftermath

the satisfyingly fruitful sneeze

which left the handkerchief sodden

best of all

the ecstatic sneeze

which drained the body of its pressure

which left a man fully lost inside his body for an instant

sneezing for him was a refined pleasure

and a gift of the senses

for sneezing made a man feel alive



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