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the big photographs in the sky

the child told me

to catch a star

you have to have a net

otherwise it is too hot

and will burn you

we all catch stars

but when we look up into the sky

we do not see the stars

we see their photographs

the light that comes from them

is aeons old

the portraits of the stars

are from their yesterdays

from their youth

what deceits lie hidden

in the dance of the light

in the picture of the

things that are

and what has been

the same stars which our fathers

called eternal

in poetry and song

which were the living spirits

of famous men

the same stars which guide

our navigations

have death

written into their being

I live in the city

where there are no stars in the

sky of night

the night I look at

is not the night of our fathers

yet from the stars

I have learnt

how to put heaven into perspective

and to fight the gaze

that points upwards

away from the earth



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