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School Reports – From Primary School, through to Sixth Form (1990 – 2001)



Primary School


1990/91 – Year 3


Language: Suneel excels in all aspects of language work, and has shown a truly remarkable level of progress in all skills throughout the year. He has an outstanding capacity to use all forms of language accurately and expressively. Strangely, though, he seems shy when oral work is required.


Mathematics: Again, Suneel has made remarkable progress in all aspects of mathematics. He has a very logical mind, and a high degree of analytical skill, which he uses to good effect in mathematics.


Science and Technology: In this one, too, Suneel has outstanding ability. He is not only highly competent in formulating a thesis, but is very methodical in his investigating and reporting on his findings. He simply applies a high level of intelligence to all aspects of this work – with excellent results.


Environmental Studies: Suneel is a delight to teach in history and geography. He is intensely interested in and knowledgeable on these subjects, as well as Religious Studies, in which he is a goldmine of information. Best of all, he has a sensitive and highly imaginative outlook which enriches these subject for him – since he seems to have no difficulty in placing himself in other times and countries.


General school observations and recommendations to parents: The only recommendation possible is that Suneel’s family should continue to provide him with the obviously excellent learning support he already enjoys. He is a pleasure to teach.


(Mrs. Moukti (Mrs. Moody, I remember her as))


1992 – Year 4


English: Suneel is improving in the fluency of his speech. His listening skills are only impaired when he has his head in a book. Suneel is a much improved reader who has the self confidence to read aloud in front of large assemblies with clarity and with good pronunciation. Suneel had produced some excellent creative writing this year and his handwriting is more precise.


Mathematics: Suneel has an excellent grasp of basic numeracy and his mental ability is well advanced for his age. I was a little disappointed with Suneel’s efforts in a recent assessment on measuring but after discussing his apparent problems he now seems to show more understanding. Suneel has a good spatial awareness and he is able to recognise basic geometric shapes. Suneel has had experience of databases and created a computer database and bar graph.


Science: Suneel takes interest enthusiastically when doing work of a practical nature and records his findings with accuracy. Suneel has a sound knowledge of basic scientific principles and scored well in recent tests.


Technology: Suneel has designed pictures and patterns using a computer graphics programme and made 3D models. Suneel has used and had experience on the BBC and Amiga computers and is familiar with word processing and interpreting a database.


Creative Arts: Suneel has been an active participant in all activities of physical education, games, swimming and dancing this year. He needs more practice and care however in painting and sketching.


Environmental Studies: Suneel has investigated and enjoyed the environmental and nature work we have done this year and has produced some well presented pieces of work.


General Comments: Suneel is an exceptional pupil who commands a wide vocabulary and an extensive general knowledge. I have been very impressed with his capability and logical thinking in problem solving and his vivid imagination creates very interesting and highly descriptive creative writing. An excellent year’s work – well done Suneel!


(Mr. Pitt)


1993 – Year 5

English: Suneel listens carefully and with sustained concentration. He is able to describe real and imaginary events, clearly and vividly. He is still rather shy about speaking in groups but has clear speech when reading in front of an audience. Suneel is an avid reader, becoming totally immersed in a book. He has an excellent reading age and reads fluently and with expression. Creative and imaginative writing is of a very high standard. He gained full marks in a spelling exam!


Mathematics: An extremely able pupil. Suneel has an alert and enquiring mind. All written and mental calculations are usually accurate. Mistakes are few, due mainly to careless errors, not a lack of understanding. Again, the end of year maths exam result was very good. Suneel plans work methodically and records findings systematically. Some spatial tasks have proved difficult, but he has overcome the problems by hard work. Data that has been collected, has also been recorded and analysed well.


Science: Suneel is a very good pupil who has carried out many different tasks and experiments. He shows determinations and patience. He understands a wide range of scientific processes.


Technology: Suneel thoroughly enjoys this activity. He takes care to produce good results and improves work by introducing new ideas and suggesting interesting solutions. Suneel has used our computers to word process, problem solve, produce graphics and make a data retrieval program.


Creative Arts: Suneel is a very good artist. His work is attractive and of a very high standard. He does doubt his own ability, lacking self confidence. Nevertheless many pieces reflect attention to detail and creative talent. Suneel is a keen athlete and his swimming ability has progressed well.


Environmental Studies: Throughout the year Suneel has studied Christopher Columbus, Tudors and Stuarts and Ancient China. Atlas reading and plans and map construction are performed accurately.


General Comments: Suneel is a model pupil. He is pleasant and well motivated, a conscientious child. His standard of work indicates a high level of concentration and a commitment to study. His written English is often moving and sensitive, or exciting and imaginative. He has a wide vocabulary, partly due to the extensive variety of reading material absorbed by Suneel. This interest in reading also helps to quench his thirst for knowledge and develop his growing expertise in all areas. He is still rather shy and modest. I’ve found him to be friendly, amusing, kind and polite. I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching him and wish him every success.


Secondary School

1995 – Year Seven


English – Content and accuracy in written work have developed well in the course of the year. He contributes intelligently to class discussion, and can express himself clearly. His reading diary shows an impressive amount and range of books read. Try to develop opinions more fully in diary entries.


Mathematics – Suneel has worked conscientiously and has made useful progress. His written work is always well presented. Test and exam grades are highly creditable. Consolidate work on directed numbers and area.


Science – Suneel has gained in confidence throughout the year to achieve a good exam mark. He works quietly and conscientiously. His written accounts could be improved. They tend to lack detail and therefore clarity. There is room for improvement here. He finds some concepts difficult or perhaps lacks background experience. Provided he asks for assistance, the problem should be sorted out.


Technology – I enjoy teaching Suneel as he has the most welcoming personality and listens to advice. He works well in lessons and has produced a good folder. He has a good framework for future working. Suneel needs to keep experimenting with the different aspects to technology to keep his enjoyment. Practice sketching and rendering, learn the theory work and keep up the research skills.


French – Suneel is a quiet and conscientious pupil. He has tried very hard in his written work which is usually neatly presented. Although a little reserved in class, he does take part in question and answer work and does not hesitate to ask for or provide extra information. Suneel must check his written work carefully and participate more in class.


Geography – Suneel often produces very good work. He does seem to be slow in class so must put considerable effort in at home. He does not always understand the material and should ask questions more often when this occurs. In project work he must follow instructions carefully if he is to obtain good marks in all the categories being assessed.


History – Suneel has worked conscientiously and made progress. He asks intelligent questions and shows interest. His examination performance was satisfactory though I had expected better since his term work is sound. Some answers are not full enough though the main points are usually grasped. Suneel tends to rush his work, he needs to take more time to develop full, well-supported answers.


Music – Suneel is a conscientious pupil with a very positive approach to the subject. I am very pleased with his progress. The examination result was a little disappointing, but this appears mainly due to lack of time for the later questions and an unfortunately confusing way of presenting certain answers. I am sure that he will do better in next year’s exam.


Art – A satisfactory exam performance with reasonable shape and tone to the drawing. He achieved full marks in the written paper – well done. Keep practicing in your sketch book.


Religious Education – Able to understand that people of different religions have distinctive beliefs and values. Works extremely conscientiously. Continue to show interest.


Physical Education – Suneel has worked well, despite his limited ability. He will need to maintain his efforts next year.


General Progress and Achievements – Suneel is developing accuracy and detail in his written work and can express his opinions clearly. He is conscientious and his test results throughout the year have been generally good. He has gained in confidence and knows when to get advice. He needs to continue to check work carefully to maintain his grades. Suneel can be reserved at times. He has contributed to form activities and is a reliable and organised member of the form. Suneel has involved himself with house sports and public speaking. I hope he continues to enjoy life at the school and continues to join other clubs and societies.


Year 8 – 1996


English: The content and accuracy of Suneel’s work is usually good. He has developed his writing by using more extensive vocabulary. His reading diary is excellent. He listens carefully to the opinions of others and is will to add his own opinion. Suneel needs to use a dictionary at all times to check his spelling.


Mathematics: Steady work and progress have resulted in Suneel achieving a satisfactory standard on the work covered so far this year. He asks for help when he encounters problems and works hard to overcome them. Algebra, especially, requires extra attention.


Science: A warm, intelligent boy whose recent work output has been a pleasure to behold. He combines this natural artistry well with his science to produce amusing and well written accounts. Suneel’s manners are impeccable.


French: I had always been quite happy with his general level of awareness of the structures. Some homeworks have been very good. However, of late, he seems to wish to show me that he was not as pleasantly committed as I had imagined. I hope he chooses the direction he wishes to go towards.


German: Suneel’s effort and attainment have improved since Christmas. He has settled well into the course and his beginning to produce some good work. Organise revision. Test self in writing as work is learned. Set a target for each piece of work.


Geography: Suneel has worked well through the year and is making good progress – although his recent test mark was a little disappointing. He must learn the work carefully.


History: Suneel has made a good effort and shows interest and ability in this subject. He contributes well in class and asks perceptive questions. He does tend to rush his work occasionally such that his answers are less convincing than they might be. Generally very sound, though. More carefuly preparation and presentation of work should be Suneel’s main priority.


Music: Suneel is a highly co-operative and conscientious pupil. He is making steady progress and achieved a mark of 100% in a recent test on Indian music. He should re-check theory topics covered last term. He does need to improve his aural skill, and it would be good if he could develop his performing ability further.


Art: Suneel is able to observe and draw shapes and tones well, but should not overdo the toning to the extent that very little light remains. He has done some very promising work towards his Renaissance project.


Religious Education: Has shown good interest in the Islamic ideas discussed this year. Continue to listen to the views of others.


Physical Education: In gymnastics Suneel can perform a creative sequence with advanced skills. He shows confidence and good quality of movement. In team games he shows a sound level of technique in passing and control. He makes a significant contribution to the game and shows tactical insight.


General progress and achievements: Some most satisfying comments from Suneel’s science teacher are reflected elsewhere. Though in some subject he is not producing work of the standard expected of him. Fortunately, this is not the case in the majority of subjects where he shows interest, involvement and ability. Suneel is a most well mannered and courteous young man. He is co-operative and contributes well in class discussion. He always behaves in an exemplary fashion. Suneel is a member of the Chess club and has represented the House at football and cross country.


Year 9 – 1997


English: Suneel is an able pupil whose written English is fluent and accurate. He contributes well to class discussion and his Reading Diary shows that he has read a good variety of challenging books. He needs to plan work more carefully and develop points more fully.


Mathematics: Suneel works well in class and has made steady progress, developing a good level of understanding in the topics covered this year. He sets the work out in the manner expected and his homework results are generally consistent. Algebra and graph work require greater attention.


Physical Science: Suneel is a very capable scientist. He performs very well on his tests. However his homework is not as good as I would expect. Spend more time on homework.


Biological Science: Suneel is making excellent progress in this subject. He is an intelligent, keen and conscientious student who produces a very good standard of both classwork, homework and test results. He must maintain his current progress so that his standards do not drop.


French: Very good work indeed. He has made a determined effort to show commitment. Many ares of the more advanced grammar he is very competent with. Excellent written work.


German: Very good work. Excellent attitude. Thoughtful and interested, with much clear assimilation of the new grammar. Very promising.


Ancient Greek: A solid start to the year.


Geography: Suneel has made good progress in Geography, achieving high grades in most of his written and graphical work. His project mark is very good and indicates further his ability in the subject! Some of his written answers lack the required depth – more explanation needed.


History: Suneel shows good ability in this subject. He asks very perceptive questions and produces sound written answers. He has improved the appearance of his work and contributes well orally. He is able to argue a point of view and support it convincingly. Very good. Suneel does need to approach his written work with less haste. Otherwise, very pleasing indeed.


Technology: Suneel is keen and interested and has made good progress. The delay in completing his project has been largely due to lack of planning. Careful, detailed planning is the key to a successful solution.


Art: Suneel shows interest and uses his class time well. His observational drawing shows a lot of promise and he demonstrates an understanding of shape and proportion. More colour practice needed.


General progress and achievements: Suneel’s work is of a very good standard. He shows interest and commitment and involves himself well in oral work. Some written answers need to be more fully developed in a number of subjects and he could take more time over his work. On the whole, however, his work is very pleasing. Suneel is a very courteous and well-mannered pupil. He participates frequently in discussion work and is able to offer thoughtful and well-considered comment. He is well-motivated and behaved. Suneel has been involved in a number of activities this year including house basketball, football and cross country. He was also a member of the victorious house quiz team. School hockey and basketball practices have also occupied Suneel as well as Chess club and public speaking auditions and Ancient Greek lessons.


Year 10 – 1997-1998


English: Suneel’s written coursework has been consistently impressive this year. He is strongly motivates, keenly involved in class activity and ready to seek guidance. His essays are strong in content though his style can improve in terms of precision, and clarity.


Mathematics: Suneel has made good progress in mathematics over the year and has achieved some good test results. Suneel’s exam grade is a little disappointing as he made careless mistakes when solving quadratic equations and using trigonometry. Suneel’s coursework exam result was also rather disappointing as he failed to introduce any algebra into his investigation.


Physics: I have much time for Suneel who is a very sensible and hard working pupil. His exercise book is very neat and well laid out. He obviously wants to succeed and is putting in the effort in a steady and well planned way to achieve it.


Chemistry: It would be fair to say that both Suneel and myself are disappointed with his examination grade. In class Suneel is capable of answering questions correctly on a variety of topics and generally shows a good grasp of the fundamentals of chemistry. He has a positive, if somewhat lacking in confidence, attitude to the subject and has shown competence at practical work. Suneel has recognised that a lack of effective revision contributed greatly to his grade. He must take steps to improve this in future if he is to attain a grade appropriate to his potential.


Biology: I find Suneel a very pleasant and hard-working young man. He had a very successful start to the year and has generally continued to make good progress. His end of year examination is reasonably good, but he lost marks through the careless wording of his answers. As the final GCSE exams will contain many questions requiring extended prose-style answers then he really does need to take more care here. His coursework is rather good and he already has a reasonable mark for this – there will be an opportunity for further improvement. It is also pleasing that he takes such care over the presentation of his work. I hope that he will sustain this effort in year 11 and gain the success that he deserves.


Design and Technology: Suneel is a quiet and extremely hard working member of the class. His results are very encouraging. He has made an excellent start to his Graphics GCSE. Suneel often works unaided in class and produces work of a high quality and content.


French: Always industrious, with sound, conscientious homeworks, he deserves an ‘A’ next year. His commitment in class and to the matter in hand is first-rate. There are one or two areas of grammatical precision which need attention, but, all in all, progress is positive and encouraging.


Ancient Greek: Suneel has worked very well over the last year, and will do well next summer if he continues at this rate.


Geography: Suneel’s efforts and achievements in classwork, homework and coursework have all been very good this year. If he maintains his efforts, he ought to gain a high GCSE grade.


Business Studies: Suneel is an industrious, committed pupil who produces high quality work. He exhibits a commanding grasp of the course content. Simply guard against complacency in the coming vital year.


Religious Education: Can articulate an opinion and back it with supportive argument.


Physical Education: Suneel has made good efforts to improve, especially in team games. A consisten approach allied to determination should see further improvement next year.


General Progress and Achievements: Suneel appears to be making very good academic progress – I trust he will take note of the suggestions for improvement contained within this report. Suneel’s conduct is generally very good and I find him to be a very pleasant and thoughtful young man. Suneel has represented his House in the House Quiz, at chess and in debating. The form is also collecting food for the homeless and he has been helpful with this.


Year 11 – 1999


English: Suneel’s mock exam performance was unusual – he scored twice as well on one paper compared to the other. A ‘B’ is reasonable, but an ‘A’ should be within his reach. His coursework has been very good and he is always a leading participant in class discussion. His folder now gives a very strong impression of his abilities. Detail, accuracy and consistency of tone and style deserve attention.


Mathematics: Suneel has made good progress over the year so far. He achieved a good GCSE mock exam grade and with continued effort and practice Suneel could do even better. Suneel should now concentrate on improving his coursework mark by reading up on topics such as series and calculus. Suneel would do well to review the sine and cosine rules as he would have found them beneficial in the exam.


Chemistry: I am very pleased with Suneel’s progress this year. He has made a significant improvement upon last year’s examination result. He has been able to demonstrate his knowledge and understanding both in the classroom and the examination. He has clearly improved his revision technique. I wish him every success in the forthcoming examinations.


Biology: Suneel has continued to make satisfactory progress in year 11, but his mock examination mark was identical to that obtained in the year 10 examination. There were signs that he was a little over-confident around the time of the exam and he should guard against this. He does have a reasonably good coursework mark and the effort he put into his photosynthesis investigation was impressive. He needs to be very careful with the wording of his answers.


Design and Technology: Suneel has made an excellent start to his coursework. He works extremely hard and is well motivated. He is constantly trying to improve his work. Suneel’s exam results were disappointing. He must learn the notes in more detail.


French: Always good, sound, neat and conscientious work. His knowledge of the structures is very pleasing. Continue the same positive effort.


Ancient Greek: Suneel is very capable and works hard at the subject. He produces accurate, if a little literal, translations and is able to fathom the meaning of the passages. He will need to strive for greater precision on the details to achieve the highest grades.


Geography: Suneel has progressed well during this academic year, achieving a consistently high standard in all written and geographical tasks. Both papers in the mock exam were excellent, illustrating Suneel’s willingness to work hard and undoubted ability. Suneel contributes constructively to classroom discussions and shows a great deal of enthusiasm. Well done!


General Progress and Achievements: This is a very positive report for Suneel, reflecting the quietly determined way in which he pursues his studies. I don’t doubt that he will make a very determined effort to get the very highest grades in his GCSE examinations. His conduct is very good.


Sixth Form


Lower Sixth – 2000


English Language and Literature: Suneel is a committed and well-motivated student. He has made considerable progress in this subject, responding strongly to texts and writing with some individuality and style in the original writing coursework. He sometimes misunderstands the purpose of a task and may write in an inappropriate style. Do not use casual or colloquial expressions and comments in formal essays. Make sure you give due consideration to the writer’s purpose in arriving at your conclusions about texts.


Mathematics: Suneel has made considerable progress since the mock exam in March. His homework marks are still dependent on how much effort he puts into it.


Chemistry: Suneel has developed a decent foundation of knowledge and understanding on which to build next year. He is attentive in class, displaying broad knowledge of the subject. Written work is always done promptly, it is usually commendably concise but occasionally too brief. Keep up the good work. Analyse questions carefully to decide upon the depth of answer required. Cross reference your notes to the syllabus, it is a comprehensive document that specifies the knowledge and skills that you must display.


Ancient History: Suneel is able to read both the primary and secondary material and use both sensitively in his essay writing. He has developed a good analytical style, but tends to be too prolix for his own good – work thus is needed to present concise and cogent arguments. He must also continue to read as much as possible.


Tutor’s Report: Suneel has made an excellent start to the year. He has proved himself a very serious student, and puts in a good deal of hard work. He has a likeable personality and is a good conversationalist, but must watch his mood swings – especially when being interviewed in December.


Upper Sixth – 2001


English: Quite simply, Suneel is the most able student we have doing this course. He has proved himself to be an excellent student – work is always full of content, relevant to the task, well-argued, and, usually, accurately and clearly expressed. He has both the intelligence to learn from his teachers and apply ideas learnt in class, and the imagination to work out an informed personal response to literature himself. He has been a pleasure to teach. Keep up the good work and continue to pare down your style so that there is directness and vividness in your simplicity.


Mathematics: Suneel has worked very hard in the run up to the mechanics module and he deserves to do well in that exam. Since January, he has shown a good effort in class and his written work is improving in presentation. Suneel has shown good interest in the subject throughout and with continued effort and hard work he should achieve a top grade in the summer.


Ancient History: Suneel continues to make good progress and produces well-thought out and coherent essays. He does need to clarify in his mind the use of more technical terms to prevent the malapropisms to which is prone at times. He reads widely around the subject and should continue to do so – and make more use of the sources he reads in his written work.


Chemistry: Suneel is very conscientious and hard working. Often his work is handed in ahead of deadlines. His work is usually of a very good standard although he has been known to miss the point of some questions. One fault of Suneel is his determination to use only two sides of paper for a piece of work requiring four or five sides. The consequence of this is that his work is often too concise and his answers too limited. He is very methodical, if a little slow at practical work.


General Studies: Suneel’s characteristic clarity of thought and idiosyncratic style was used very effectively in the recent paper (make sure the style is always appropriate, though).


Tutor’s Report: Despite the knock-back from Cambridge, Suneel remains determined to achieve A’s across the board and indeed he deserves to. He must not become complacent however and should continue to strive for excellence. Good luck and best wishes to him for the summer and the future.




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