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Falling in Love with Another Language

26.2.15   For a few months now, I have been learning Hindi. I want to share my reflections on why I am doing so because I think this will shed light on the motivations for why people learn languages in their spare time, as a source of enjoyment.   My history with the Hindi language … Continue reading

o my green heart (translation from the Hindi song)

o my green heart what is desire? what is the quest of desire? we wander lost why do we wander lost in the harsh desert? it seems that the boat is thirsty in the river what is the entanglement? why is there the entanglement? this shadow-like thing what is this face to face to me? … Continue reading

My Tie Collection

26.2.15   As you can see from the photo, my tie collection consists of sixteen pieces. You will also note that I am a fan of a brightly coloured tie, but am not so much a fan of patterned ties, although I do make the odd exception. I believe that ties can bring the intensity … Continue reading

Self-Expression and Creativity in Making Fashion Choices

24.2.15   Like the rest of the people in the Western world, I believe that my fashion choices reflect aspects of my personality. When I wear clothes, they are really symbols, or a type of language which explains who I am. Hence, for example, I will only buy and wear analogue watches which have an … Continue reading

The Case of the White Leather Jacket

23.2.15   I often go window shopping and look at amazingly beautiful and amazingly expensive things which I cannot afford to buy and will never own. You could call it a masochistic exercise, a tantalisation of the senses, or you could just call it the exploratory excursions of a man who likes to know what … Continue reading


21.2.15   I once threw my friend’s birthday cake into a very cold lake I couldn’t believe it he jumped in to retrieve it all for economy’s sake   there once was a young lady from taiwan who fried up a shoe in a pan she ate it with peas and a topping of cheese … Continue reading

experiments in alliteration

21.2.15   tigers triumph deer don’t   ***   girls get giggling when women won’t   ***   perfume provokes passion scattering substance softly from full flagrant flowers I inhale intoxication   ***   I intentionally imitate ideas which warrant worship   ***   often odorous oranges make magnificent morsels   ***   war wakes … Continue reading

piercing the heart of the avocado

20.2.15   it had the textured hide of a reptile I halved it with my knife and placed the two pieces into the plate   the heart of the avocado offered itself up to me amidst the fresh green flesh I pressed the point of my steel into it deeper and deeper and then I … Continue reading

lines from hindi song lyrics (translated)

from a life of two moments one has to steal a lifetime   ***   when there is no veil from god why hide from the gaze of men?   ***   arrows sometimes become targets   ***   who can bind the fast wind?   ***   if you are carrying impatience in your … Continue reading

when nobody reads

I sent out notes in bottles to cast upon the sea like a child throwing rocks into water to see the ripples that they make they were the companions of my solitude I abandoned them with a heavy heart for in them I abandoned myself I hoped they travelled far and wide bravely across the … Continue reading