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experiments in alliteration



tigers triumph

deer don’t




girls get giggling

when women won’t




perfume provokes passion

scattering substance softly

from full flagrant flowers

I inhale intoxication




I intentionally imitate ideas

which warrant worship




often odorous oranges

make magnificent morsels




war wakes warriors

peace provokes poets




numbers name nonsense

like language

irrationality is inevitable




infinity is imaginary

since science sculpts

chaos continuously




tears tie tensions together

knowing knots

water washes well




sometimes summer soothes

autumn agitates

winter will weaken

spring startles




countries con communities:

they think that

nations need narcissists




awaiting afternoon’s appetite

sausages simmer

hissing heartily

such succulent sustenance




silly Socrates

always attacking answers

crafty critics concur

might makes meaning




when whites will

colour causes controversy

because black boys

say skin seems sense

no-one notices




consumption camps:

vocal vegetarians,

callous carnivores,

environmentalist eaters,

junk-food jelly-bellies,

fashionista foodies,

guzzling gourmands.




hair has honesty

but baldness beckons…




remembrance’s road:

age always arranges

men’s memories meanderingly




truth tells tales

wisdom wants

although answers always

curtail capture




maths men

always agree

numbers never

really reflect reality




dirty dishes

instantly invoke

excellent evasions




some sonnets suggest

marvellous music,

various voices

have harsh harmonies




fakers feign feelings

since seeming sensitivity

argues attraction and

is interesting




ants are argumentative and

property possessive,

waging wars,

culling colonies




youth yells

“taking trouble takes time –

speed seems superior!”




shouting seems subtle

when women wisely whisper

cruel comforts




lies lead lives

feeling favours falsity



One thought on “experiments in alliteration

  1. A good practice 😉


    Posted by becomingveritate | February 22, 2015, 10:18 pm

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