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My Tie Collection




As you can see from the photo, my tie collection consists of sixteen pieces. You will also note that I am a fan of a brightly coloured tie, but am not so much a fan of patterned ties, although I do make the odd exception. I believe that ties can bring the intensity and beauty of rich colour to a shirt and suit combination and that they are essential parts of an outfit. None of my ties is particularly expensive. The most up-market ties are from Pierre Cardin and Dehavilland. After this, there are reasonably priced ties from Next and Marks and Spencer. And then, there are cheaper ties from elsewhere, such as from BHS. I have chosen most of the ties myself, but have also been given some by family. I seldom wear these ties that have been given to me by others, as I don’t really like the patterning. Starting from the top left, I am going to go through each of the ties and explain the colour combinations I make with shirts and what I am expressing with my choice of each (my shirt collection is in the second photo, if you wish to imagine the combinations more vividly).


Pink with White Stripes – I wear this tie with either a white shirt, or with a pink shirt. In the case of the white shirt, the colour coordinates with the white stripes. The pink colour combination is obvious. I have worn the tie with a blue shirt on occasion, in order to make a contrast of colours. I wear the pink tie, because I am rebelling against the notion that men can’t wear pink. In India, where my mother is from, pink is not a gendered colour and men often wear it. So when I’m wearing pink, it means that I’m relating to my Indian ancestry and reacting against male cultural norms in the West.


Shiny blue tie – I generally reserve this one for blue shirts, although it works with the classic white shirt and the pink and purple shirts as well. When I wear it with the pink and purple colours, there is a sort of harmony invoked, as these colours seem to be part of the same spectrum. The glossiness of the tie is bound up in my mind with sophistication and glamour. Blue also coordinates with my eye colour.


Brown tie with pink and purple stripes – This is one of my favourite ties, with the big name company behind it. I generally wear it with a brown shirt or with shirts with pink or purple colours on them, the point being a simple colour coordination effect. The brown colour in the tie reminds me of fine chocolate and the luxury of it. The colours also have a cartoonish connotation and strike me as being artistic or creative, which is a part of my personality I am trying to convey when I wear the tie.


Yellow tie with green stripes – I wear this tie with my green shirt only, to coordinate the colours. This matches to my eye colour, which changes from green to blue depending on the clothes I wear. The tie doesn’t have much of an impression about it or any kind of effect. It would be easy to wear it with a white shirt, but this would not make any kind of statement. This is one of the ties that has been given to me by a family member and is therefore not of my own choosing.


Purple and grey stripes – This tie is reserved for my purple or blue shirts. These colours are all part of the same colour spectrum and thus invoke a notion of harmony. The tie is composed of so-called ‘cold’ colours.


Red tie – This tie looks very impressive against a classic white shirt. It suggests power and status. I also wear it with my pink shirts, where it has connotations of the romantic, which I am at heart. I have worn it with a blue shirt as a colour contrast.


Pink tie – For use with the classic white shirt, or the pink or purple shirts, where it is colour coordinated or forms part of the same colour spectrum. I have also worn this colour with a blue shirt for contrast. I have already explained above what the colour pink signifies about me.


Yellow tie – This tie is exclusively used in a contrast to a blue shirt. I once saw someone wearing this combination in a Hollywood movie and it struck me as particularly impressive. It suggested an impression of power and status. I often wear this combination with a pinstripe black suit, like in the original movie.


Dark blue tie – Used most with the shirt of the same colour, which it came with, although I have used it with a white or blue shirt on occasion. This isn’t one of my favourite colours, so I don’t wear it very often. It does suggest a certain degree of sophistication to me, though.


Glossy purple tie – Used mainly with the pink or purple shirt, although more rarely with the blue or white shirts. Like the glossy blue tie, I associate this tie with luxury and glamour, so it is reserved for special occasions, or when I’m feeling particularly confident.


Yellow and white patterned tie – an ugly tie which was given to me by someone in the family. I don’t wear it. It is a mediocre design and seems to lack in style and elegance. If I were going to wear it, it would probably be with a blue shirt.


Glossy brown tie – Worn mostly with a white or a brown shirt. Like the other glossy ties, it suggests an idea of luxury to me, which is exaggerated by its use with a brown shirt (like chocolate).


Black tie with black stripes – Worn mostly with a white shirt, for the contrast, or with a black shirt in order to colour coordinate the garment and the accessory. If I had a grey shirt, I would probably wear it with that as well. Because of the funereal connotations, it has a sombre or more ‘professional’ effect for me.


Electric blue tie – this tie, for me, is full of energy. It suggests purity and ambition. I mostly wear it with a white shirt, to make a statement, although I have worn it on occasion with a blue shirt, for the colour coordination.


Green and black patterned tie – This tie was given to me by a family member, but I do sometimes wear it with my green shirt or with a black shirt, as a colour coordinated ensemble. The green components match the colour of my eyes. It is a very rich green and has a great deal of charm about it for me, suggesting visions of emeralds and nature.


Grey tie – Worn with purple or blue shirts. I rarely wear this tie, however. It suggests something metallic and hard to me.



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