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o my green heart (translation from the Hindi song)

o my green heart

what is desire?

what is the quest of desire?

we wander lost

why do we wander lost

in the harsh desert?

it seems that the boat

is thirsty in the river

what is the entanglement?

why is there the entanglement?

this shadow-like thing

what is this face to face to me?

what is this calamity?

what is this difficulty?

we cannot say

for who this desire is

life is as though lost

and is confounded

this earth is silent

the sky is silent

then why this thing like a heartbeat

is in all four directions?

o green heart

there are many thorns in the path

desire has doled out pains to everyone

so many are wounded

so many afflicted lovers

in this universe

who alone are you?




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