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The Seductions of the Suit



River Island - Brown Check Suit - £90 + £45


River Island – Brown Check Suit – jacket £90, trousers £45 (waistcoat also available)


Today I went back to the River Island store in London to take a closer look at one of the suits they have available. It is a lovely medium brown suit with a beautiful check pattern and it is not too expensive, well in the normal price range for a better quality suit (although it is worth pointing out that one can buy a reasonable looking three piece suit for £50 at Primark). It caught my eye a few weeks ago, but it was even lovelier when I went to see it today.


I like the old-fashioned feel of the suit. It reminds me of old motor cars, old aeroplanes and old, aristocratic country gentlemen. The suit also gives me a feeling of the good old-fashioned English eccentric. The suit strikes me as being full of character – it makes a bold statement. In the patterning, the size is important. The broadness and width of the check pattern is very confident, masculine and powerful.


If I were going to buy the suit, I would definitely have invested a little more money and bought the waistcoat along with the jacket and the trousers. My own colour combinations with the suit would be the obvious one first – a brown shirt, with a brown tie. A white shirt with a brown tie would also be a fantastic look, as the white would contrast and complement the brown, as in the depicted photograph from the River Island website. However, I would also try out the suit with a green shirt. I believe this colour combination would work because of its reference to nature’s colours of brown and green (as in trees). I believe that a pink shirt would also complement the brown. I wonder about the patterning of the suit, however. Would my striped shirts go with the pattern, or would they clash? Also, would a purple shirt work with the colours or not? Purple is in the same colour spectrum as brown, to my mind.


My general thoughts are that the suit is elegant and carries a whiff of the rakish. It is very traditional and sophisticated. It is not too expensive, but carries an aura of exclusivity. It is very impressive.



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