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putting the wheels on my feet again

19.04.15 I could not remember when we had last joined forces how long the pair of roller skates had lain in the attic I sat down in the chair with the bag beside me first I put on the armour on my knees and elbows and wrists then I put the wheels on my feet … Continue reading

the eye of water

14.04.15 I watched a cloud move in the surface of the water water was staring at water the water on the ground at the water in the sky the water was all the mirror the vision and the reflection

The fish with no form

13.04.15 The fish I caught had no form. It only gained it when I pinned it down with my pen, my pin, my hook and my line.

The City of Your Eyes

12.04.15 Inspired by a phrase from a Hindi Song When I wander in the city of your eyes I take the main road but all the while I wonder what happens in the back streets and side alleys when I wander in the city of your eyes

One sentence poems

12.04.15 If you touch someone’s heart, your hands will inevitably be bloody. A life without dissatisfaction is a life without hope. A man that has nothing to hide is a man that is insufficiently interesting. When you have love on your lips, each word is beautiful. We pass through words the same way we pass … Continue reading

The Rejection

09.04.15 Before I had opened the email, I had had the usual sense of foreboding, the fear of rejection. But now, as I read the message concerning the rejection of my paper, I felt a sense of sheer disbelief. I had to read through it again to make sure that it was really real, that … Continue reading

A Child’s Subversion of the Power/Knowledge Coupling

09.04.15 Today, I was standing by the sofa, watching my two nephews as they played videogames. Far from being a solitary activity, the video gaming of my nephews is a social event. They play at the same time, telling each other about their virtual achievements and use the time to chat and joke with each … Continue reading

Poetry’s First Lesson

08.04.15 Birdsong is musical but meaningless; yet, it soothes the soul and gives life meaning: poetry’s first lesson.

‘adhure’ translation (abridged)

04.04.15   Geela geela bas paani palkon pe reh gaya Just wet, wet water remained on the eyelids Dheere dheere sapna wo aankhon se beh gaya Slowly, slowly that dream flowed away from the eyes Thoda thoda kar yaadein saari kho raheen Little by little, all the memories are becoming lost, Toota sa pal ik … Continue reading