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‘adhure’ translation (abridged)



Geela geela bas paani palkon pe reh gaya
Just wet, wet water remained on the eyelids

Dheere dheere sapna wo aankhon se beh gaya
Slowly, slowly that dream flowed away from the eyes

Thoda thoda kar yaadein saari kho raheen
Little by little, all the memories are becoming lost,

Toota sa pal ik haath mein reh gaya
A broken moment remained in one hand

Hum hain adhoore, lamhe adhoore
I am incomplete, moments incomplete,

Sawaal adhoore, jawaab adhoore
Questions incomplete, answers incomplete,

Wo khwaab bhi adhoora reh gaya
That dream also stays incomplete…

Tanhaai haathon mein le waqt khada hai
with loneliness in its hands, time is standing

Ye dil bhi seene mein behosh pada hai
This heart is also lying without consciousness in the chest

Aaj aa ke mausam saare hum ko satate hain
Today, all weathers come and tease me

Bejaan hain hum haare aur ye rulaate hain
Lifeless I am, lost, and they come and make me cry.

Har pal andhera reh gaya..
Every moment has become darkness.

Neela neela bas dil ka zakhm wo reh gaya
Just the blue wound of the heart remained,

Zara zara kar saara hausla beh gaya
slowly, all the courage flowed away



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