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The Peacock

I recently read an online article which linked drawing to greater mental functioning. This influenced me to take up drawing as one of my more serious activities in my free time (the other activities including exercise, weight training and learning Hindi). My first attempt at a drawing was a peacock. I chose the bird primarily … Continue reading

More nonsense poems

11.05.15 1 Simon Sneeze Made a cheese out of bees He put on some slippers And ate it with kippers And then he went off to Belize 2 Griselda Grey Would often say She’d marry an elephant As long as he was relevant But she is still single today 3 Mervin Mark Sniffed at a … Continue reading

10th May 2015 – A Film Master Class from Kubrick and Climbing Boulders

I began the morning by jumping at my laptop to check my email and to see if anyone had been reading my blog. The number of readers had dropped off since I had begun writing it, but I always expected to see more visits. I also always expected some essential email – I have always … Continue reading

9th May 2015 – A Bowl of Four Flavours of Ice Cream

After an unusual chicken birayani dinner, which for once featured mushrooms and red, yellow and green peppers, I delved into the freezer for dessert. I don’t eat dessert after every meal, only two or three times a week, particularly after spicy Indian food. I was planning on trying out the new strawberry and raspberry frozen … Continue reading

Another princess is born

02.05.15 Another princess is born into the world and the people cheer. They celebrate. They believe in the importance of birth. Birth. Not deeds. They believe in the importance of blood. They put a figure above themselves willingly. They bow down to blood. They lust for blood. And in the growing pool of blood before … Continue reading