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10th May 2015 – A Film Master Class from Kubrick and Climbing Boulders

I began the morning by jumping at my laptop to check my email and to see if anyone had been reading my blog. The number of readers had dropped off since I had begun writing it, but I always expected to see more visits. I also always expected some essential email – I have always expected the surprising letter that would change my life forever ever since I was a young child. There was nothing today: both expectations had been defeated.

I popped some tablets into my mouth then carefully brushed my teeth. After that, I went back into my bedroom, rested myself on my chair in my most relaxed position and began to meditate. I closed my eyes, made the Indian gesture with my thumb and middle finger and put an image of Shiva into my head. Then, I took deep breaths and began whispering ‘Om Nama Shiva’. As I completed my mantra and my meditation, and as my thoughts began to stray, I thought of the shape of the Om symbol and visualised the scene where Shiva had taken the colossal force of the Ganges upon his head as she fell from the heavens. I had only recently began to meditate after I had found out all the health benefits and the recent research which suggested that it increased grey matter in the brain. After the meditation, I went downstairs and exercised for about fifteen minutes or so. I had recently moved up to seventy push-ups in a row as well as increasing the number of stomach exercises I was able to do.

I breakfasted on the usual: walnuts, blueberries and yoghurt combined with ground, organic flax seeds. I washed this down with a glass of water and then guided my oldest nephew through some work on symmetry and the arrangement of colours. After that, I wandered into town to buy some chickens for the curry in the night, some pitta bread and a big bag of onions. I had decided that today was to be a day of relaxation and watching TV. So, when I got home, I resumed watching 2001: A Space Odyssey. I had begun watching it last night since my brother had rented the DVD. It was a superb film. The visual effects were stunning, even after such a long time. I also found the ending particularly appealing – it was just so surprising. I reflected on the meaning of the film for a while afterwards. The major theme for me was intelligence: the battle of Hal against the human intelligence, the search for alien intelligence.

The film over, I made myself a lunch of cheese on toast, using the half fat cheese from the supermarket on the 50/50 mixture of brown and white bread. I took a drink of water with this frugal meal and then the usual two squares of dark 90% chocolate afterwards, which I eat for the health benefits. I then spent the next hour watching Britain’s Got Talent. The act I found most entertaining was a comedy sketch on a trampoline which was played out against some old-fashioned music and which reminded me of the silent film era, as it did one of the judges. There was also an interesting dance routine from a fat teenager, but there didn’t seem to be anything particularly spectacular on the show. When the show finished, my nephews came back home from going swimming with their dad and after they had eaten, a short period in which I made a reasonable attempt at two crossword puzzles I had saved from some free newspapers last week. Then, we went to a new park, called Fairlop Waters, I believe.

The park was very beautiful in the sunlight. It was extremely large and the glitter of the sun on the lake was inspirational and subtle, like a carefully crafted piece of music. The children took us to the boulders in the park, especially designed for climbing. They had fake fossils embedded in them. I raced my two nephews up the first one we saw, winning. I had not climbed anything for such a long time and felt completely enthused by the challenge, slight though it was. We then spent some time around another boulder on which were perched a young couple, a blonde woman and a man with long hair tied back in a pony tail and with a bushy beard. There were couples on the other boulders that we wandered around as well. Finally, we went back to a boulder that the children were unable to climb. I scaled up it to show them how it was done, but when I got to the top I had experienced a mild panic. It seemed so high and so impossible to climb down safely for a few moments. I definitely had a tame version of vertigo. However, I overcame my fear and made my way back down to the bottom.

At night, we had the chicken curry. The curry was delicious, with a faintly sweet taste from the onions, but my mother gave me cuts of meat which I don’t particularly enjoy, such as the thigh pieces and the neck of the bird. The dish was served with the usual chappatis and a salad of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, radishes, green peppers, white cabbage and carrots. There was a pineapple lying around uneaten, so I had this for dessert, alongside an extremely hard mango.



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