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More nonsense poems



Simon Sneeze

Made a cheese out of bees

He put on some slippers

And ate it with kippers

And then he went off to Belize


Griselda Grey

Would often say

She’d marry an elephant

As long as he was relevant

But she is still single today


Mervin Mark

Sniffed at a shark in the park

His nose was quite dry

But held up very high

He was lucky it was so very dark


Gregory Groove

Would always move to prove

That the sun didn’t matter

He was as mad as a hatter

But his skin was so very very smooth


Lolita Loon

Would moon and swoon

At the boy with the boil

Which pumped out smelly oil

She really quite fancied the goon


Cedric Cider

Was wider than a very fat spider

Instead of going to the gym

He sang an old hymn

And became a famous ostrich rider


Bertie Bagel

Would label the table

He tagged the pears

And wrote on the chairs

He really was quite mentally unstable



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