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The Peacock

Peacock 28.5.15

I recently read an online article which linked drawing to greater mental functioning. This influenced me to take up drawing as one of my more serious activities in my free time (the other activities including exercise, weight training and learning Hindi).

My first attempt at a drawing was a peacock. I chose the bird primarily because of its beautiful colours, which I have attempted to represent, but there was another meaning to the selection. The peacock is the national bird of India and also, a thought that occurred to me after I had finished the piece, I am currently writing a scholarly dissertation on vision and the peacock has eyes on its feathers. The amateur attempt at drawing is therefore preoccupied with the theme of visual representation.

This is my first attempt at a piece of art for a very long time and I thought it would be interesting to jot down a few thoughts about the exercise. Firstly, the drawing was much harder than I remembered it to be. As can be seen by comparing the two representations of the bird, I was unable to do justice to the details, particularly in terms of the wings and the eyes. The drawing is also a little too faint. I must make sure that I impress the colours more and perhaps finalise the lines with a fineliner, instead of the pencil. The critical viewer will note that I made the bird a lot bulkier than it should be, so perhaps more finesse on the lines next time too, and more attention to form.

Nonetheless, I think it was a fair first attempt. In future, I aim to make more stylised pictures, since I believe that reality is just the starting point in drawing. I am not aiming at imitation, but at creating a mood in the picture. I will have to think of a suitable image for next time.



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