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The Beauties of Language in Science and Song

28.07.15 A little while ago, while I was killing some time after a heavy session of study, trying desperately to find something to distract myself for a moment, I picked up a children’s book on rainforests that was lying around. I flicked through and there was much that was interesting. I found out about the … Continue reading

Some Quotes from my Twitter Account

There is an element of disbelief the first time you see a beautiful woman; it seems incredible that what you see is real. You can fight to write and write to fight. Only the few have access to things of quality because they have made it so that only they can have the good stuff. … Continue reading

The Rape of Nature by Western Society

The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus reinterpreted as The Rape of Nature by Western Society I’ve been keeping up the sketching and recently bought some oil pastels which were on sale. The drawing is my first use of them and I wanted to do something in the style of Matisse which reinterpreted an old … Continue reading

Can London Cope in an Emergency Situation? Reflections on my Experience of the London Tube Strike

11.07.15 It was annoying that the Tube strikes happened on the few days in my life when I actually had to be in London. The experience of the strikes was therefore inevitable. I thought myself pretty safe from the trials and tribulations of the day. The 25 bus was supposed to take me straight into … Continue reading

Nosiness and Culture

06.07.15 Are Indian people nosier than people from other cultures? I was pondering this question today as a friend of my mother’s asked a number of questions about me over the phone. What was I doing? How long would it take? And so on and so forth. It is worth pointing out that I have … Continue reading

The Nature of History and the Childish Wish to Read the Names of the Dead

06.07.15 My nephew, M., who is aged six, raised an air of hysteria amongst the female denizens of my household lately. He declared one of his wishes in life: he wanted to visit a graveyard. The women in the house took this news almost hysterically. They chastised him for wanting to visit the place of … Continue reading

Having someone to dress for – 05.07.15

As I was thinking of what to wear today, I was musing on the philosophy behind the quandary. Sometimes, when I wear casual clothes, I want to fit in. I don’t want to make an impression on anyone. So I just wear what is conventional. In this scenario, clothes are a sort of social camouflage, … Continue reading

The Beautiful Couple – 05.07.15

Today as I was travelling into town on the bus, I saw a set of familiar faces. They were a young, beautiful couple. The man was tall and had big, bulging muscles which he was showing off in his muscle vest. He was obviously proud of the body that he worked hard at to maintain … Continue reading