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The Beautiful Couple – 05.07.15

Today as I was travelling into town on the bus, I saw a set of familiar faces. They were a young, beautiful couple. The man was tall and had big, bulging muscles which he was showing off in his muscle vest. He was obviously proud of the body that he worked hard at to maintain and he had a number of tattoos which were showing. The woman was much shorter and slight, but with striking features. They were both dark haired and well tanned. The woman was talking to the man in an animated fashion as I passed by, staring intently at him.

I had seen this very same couple a few weeks before, which was why I recognised them. They were both very beautiful, which was why they had made such an impression on me.

What struck me about this beautiful couple most of all, however, was what they suggested about romance and coupledom in our society. Now it is obvious that the couple were attractive. But beyond this shared beauty, what were the chances that their personalities were compatible? It is not easy to make friends in life and it is even harder to meet someone romantically that is on a similar wave length. But it might be objected that maybe they were supposedly superficial people and only cared about appearances and the image. But if this were so, how could they bear each other’s company? Why would they want to be together? My own experience has shown me that initial attraction only goes so far – it is the pleasure of amiable company that is longer lasting. What the couple suggested to me was that all the talk of personalities having to match, which ignorant people spout all the time, was arrant nonsense. The main thing that seems to matter in a relationship is the willingness to be together, which is based on an initial attraction. It doesn’t matter how different personalities are, there will always be common ground that can be found. Far from being superficial, the couple were demonstrating that relationships are about something more than personalities, that they are about understanding and working to achieve unity.



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