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Random Thoughts

Some Quotes from my Twitter Account

There is an element of disbelief the first time you see a beautiful woman; it seems incredible that what you see is real.

You can fight to write and write to fight.

Only the few have access to things of quality because they have made it so that only they can have the good stuff. #ThoughtOfTheDay

The world is outer space: you scream for attention, no-one hears. How to scream so that you are noticed is the entire craft of #amwriting.

#Writing has power not just as the right word at the right time, but also as the right word at the wrong time. #amwriting #politics

Follow the voices in your head, but follow the silences as well… #amwriting #creativewriting #writers

Are good writers merely accomplished liars? How good are you at lying? #amwriting #writers

Is there any great difference between a human being and a book? To understand both, we have to read deeply. #philosophy #amwriting

#amwriting The trick of the game is that the reader thinks the writer has all the power, whereas the writer knows that the reader has it.

A #crossword, when one thinks about it, is like the act of creative writing. You search for just the right word, the word which fits.



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