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Thoughts on the Paris Attacks


So much is said about terrorist attacks in the aftermath. Everyone exploits the events for their own personal/political agendas. It is conceivable that silence could be maintained so as to neutralise the intended effects, but this never happens.

Some of my own thoughts on the event, no doubt with my own personal/political agenda:

History repeats itself (the compulsion to repeat) – once again, terrorism is conceived of as a ‘war’ in nationalistic terms.

The problems of the nation state – when terrorism happened before, each country had to deal with it individually (India, UK and the IRA). Now, even though it’s termed as a global problem, we don’t deal with it as a planet. We’re still stuck on nationalism and the selfishness of nations (why should we help when there’s nothing in it for us?). Selfishness triumphs.

Death always calls for a response – the innocent dead demand our thoughts and action. And the politicians and commentators manipulate the demand.

Build-your-own-villain – No-one understands the terrorist mind but everyone constructs a fantasy about personality traits and ideologies. People are actually talking about a component of their own mind when they talk about the terrorists. Difference is inconceivable.



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