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The Openly Racist Society

We live in an openly racist society now. It is the era of Farage and Trump. It is at the level where white people are taking ethnic minority roles in Hollywood movies because the audience doesn’t want to see a non-white face, e.g. Ghost in the Shell and Doctor Strange. At a time when a … Continue reading

Art, Law and Photography

These drawings are intended to illustrate my thesis which analyses the relationship between law and photography in Victorian fiction. They are entitled “Rosetta and the Law”:  

The Rosetta Stone, Reading and Language

  25.06.16 One of my occupations in life is to volunteer as an English Language Trainer. I initially volunteered in order to gain some teaching experience with adults and have been volunteering for over a year and a half. I derive great satisfaction from helping those unfamiliar with the language and it feels lovely to … Continue reading

Brexit and the Referendum – My thoughts about the changing political situation.

My thoughts about the changing political situation. I think that political change and crisis is the governing framework of my adult experience and history itself. The political map is always changing. However, what always shocks me is how ready people are to unite against an Orientalized despot and the threat of foreign invasion. I don’t … Continue reading

An English Literature Student in the year 2016: a Report to the Institute of Technological Archaeological Science

An English Literature Student in the year 2016: a Report to the Institute of Technological Archaeological Science (by Doctor E17PP153/K from the year 7081, translated from the Haddastanese in Alien Anthropology: A Collection of Sources and Documents by Urja-nx Xvayxz-Kamal, 7192) The report of Doctor E17PP153/K was written seventy years before the disbanding of the … Continue reading