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Brexit and the Referendum – My thoughts about the changing political situation.

My thoughts about the changing political situation.

I think that political change and crisis is the governing framework of my adult experience and history itself. The political map is always changing.

However, what always shocks me is how ready people are to unite against an Orientalized despot and the threat of foreign invasion. I don’t think history has taught anyone anything. Our minds are still programmed and controlled by abitrary and absurd frameworks. In any case, as an anarchist and anti-hegemonist and against the state and any state-like apparatus, I did not vote out of principles of conscientious objection (after much deliberation, it must be said). However, I am disappointed with the outcome and I will say that although it took two world wars to make a European Union, a little shit like Farange was able to topple it. Where is the voice of power to topple every other dominant, illegitimate institution in this absurd world? A voice that is not full of hatred, intolerance and injustice? Where is the voice to create a new and just world order beyond our narrow and constrained boundaries and to unite the people?

It is absurd that while the legitimacy of the EU is perpetually in question, the autonomous nation state is somehow taken as the paradigm of freedom and rooted in legitimacy. How ridiculous and juvenile. What is more nauseating than the sight of a pretend democracy pretending to be a democracy and raising Demos from the realm of death in order to ground its baseless dictates? There is no legitimacy for what is illegitimate.



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