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The Openly Racist Society

We live in an openly racist society now. It is the era of Farage and Trump. It is at the level where white people are taking ethnic minority roles in Hollywood movies because the audience doesn’t want to see a non-white face, e.g. Ghost in the Shell and Doctor Strange. At a time when a mixed race man is the President of the USA, it has to be asked how this is possible. And the answer is in the institutionalisation of the nation state, based on principles of exclusion and cultural and social practices that celebrate whiteness as the norm and cast difference as a threatening other. In the west, a British Asian man or an American Asian man can’t be a hero, or someone of Arabic descent in the field of representations. At the same time, even children’s authors like David Walliams can present them as comical stock types in their books, as money hungry foreigners that sell out of date products in little corner stores. And the white majority see themselves as superior to the Polish and the Romanians because whiteness is not just skin colour, it is an arrogant and hubristic, complacent state of mind. In America, the Hispanics are not considered white enough either. Statistics show that this system of inclusion through exclusion is the predominant model of dating, with white men judged more attractive than their ethnic minority counterparts and black women found least attractive in relation to other women. If a historian were looking at our culture, he or she would be struck by the dominance of the exclusionary model. And all of this in countries that pay lip service to ideals of fairness, diversity and ‘tolerance’.



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