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Free Music – My album ‘Indian Tiger’

Listen to the best tracks from my unreleased album “Indian Tiger” here:

Tiger – https://soundcloud.com/suneel-sm/tygger
Wanna Roll – https://soundcloud.com/suneel-sm/wanna-roll
Show Me Something – https://soundcloud.com/suneel-sm/show-me-something
Let Me Love You – https://soundcloud.com/suneel-sm/let-me-love-you

I am coming out of musical retirement and as a result I am bringing you the sound that the world was not ready for many years ago when I was young and thought the world was there for the taking. Only two people made this album, me and my brother. And only two people have heard it. We had no musical training, nobody to do anything but us and no one to teach us anything. We made the music and I wrote the lyrics, did the vocal arrangements and the singing. Because I dream in music. Because a Mehmi stands on his own two feet and doesn’t need anyone else but another Mehmi. Because we wanted to hear our own music and our own voice. Because we wanted to catch pure energy. The music is not about the quest for perfection, but the quest for power. It is dirty and scarred, not clean and shiny. I hope you enjoy it if you want to have a listen.



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