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The White Clown Liar, The Angry, Young White Man and the Politics of the Buffoon

27.11.16 Boris Johnson. Donald Trump. Two clowns. Two clowns in power. In the Renaissance period, the jester or clown was in a position of subservience to the king. Even then, however, the clown could tell truths to the King from his inferior position, evident in the plays of Shakespeare. The pitch of political degradation is … Continue reading

Female scream in the ocean

The Body Beautiful

24.11.16   When you’re researching, all you think about is time. You must prioritise research over everything else. I don’t have time for this. I don’t have time for that. You promise yourself that when your research is finished, then you will have all the time in the world to do the things that you … Continue reading

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“A Dickless Fuck” – Trump and the Cult of the Non-Man

22.11.16   There is a word in Hindi which is naamard. It means a non-man. As I looked over the newspapers on the internet today reporting on the fiasco with Donald Trump and Nigel Farage over the issue of Britain’s ambassador, I was reminded of this word.   Instead on focusing on the fact that … Continue reading

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Autumn Pattern with Insects

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