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Western ‘Democracy’ – The Worship of the Slaves


Our current Prime Minister in the United Kingdom is unelected. The Coalition was illegitimate and then we had an unelected Prime Minister as well. In America, even though more people voted for Hillary Clinton, the post of the President went to Donald Trump.

Democracy is a complete farce in Western political systems. Westerners have no true ideal of democracy. It is not what the majority want, it is a system permeated by localism and constituents. It is a system in which artificial and meaningless, arbitrary historical divisions made by those in power hold the true place: that your geographical location is what you are.

While there is no such thing as democracy in these countries, Westerners persist in saying that there is. Where localism is triumphant, democracy is merely the worship of the slaves for an unjust system which has historically been created by those in power. Democracy is an illusion which, deep down, they do not even believe in themselves. It is a false religion. What the slaves to the system believe in is that their identity depends on where they live – nothing else. They will not reform their unjust system and make democracy a real entity. All attempts to reform the voting system have failed.

The worship of the slaves for a false will of the people is both nauseating and illustrative of a political culture in which lies and myths are worshipped over the truth. As is increasingly evident, the people will only choose the liars and base their decisions only on lies, refuting the claims of experts in favour of those greedy for power that will stoop to fabricate statistics.



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