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“A Dickless Fuck” – Trump and the Cult of the Non-Man

There is a word in Hindi which is naamard. It means a non-man. As I looked over the newspapers on the internet today reporting on the fiasco with Donald Trump and Nigel Farage over the issue of Britain’s ambassador, I was reminded of this word.
Instead on focusing on the fact that the insolent asshole and foreigner Donald Trump was telling our country who should represent it, the newspaper sites in question were reporting what the asshole Nigel Farage thought about it. For it is okay for the White Man to tell us what to do, say the fawning sycophants in our newspapers, since we are white men ourselves. We don’t mind being told who should represent us if you’re a white man. It is only when you have a foreign skin tone and a foreign language that we will resent such direct instructions. Such is the bias of the media, including the BBC and the Telegraph. It is the bias of the non-man, the naamard.
The naamard has no dick. He has no integrity. He is a coward that has never been in a fight. He has no honour. He is not even a he. And this cult of the non-man is enshrined in “our special relationship” with America. And what is the essence of this special relationship between the white man and the white man and the non-man and the non-man? A dickless fuck.


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