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The White Clown Liar, The Angry, Young White Man and the Politics of the Buffoon


Boris Johnson. Donald Trump. Two clowns. Two clowns in power.

In the Renaissance period, the jester or clown was in a position of subservience to the king. Even then, however, the clown could tell truths to the King from his inferior position, evident in the plays of Shakespeare.

The pitch of political degradation is now so high in Western countries that the White Clown is now in power, no longer in the position of subservience and no longer the teller of truth. Buffoonery, antics, insults. Such are the weapons of this political presence. For the clown is in power because he is a liar with a white skin. Lies, lies and more lies. The clown can get away with lying and people love his lies. The clown preaches hate and isolation and the people love his words.

The audience of the clown prince is the so-called angry, white, young man. In the most privileged position in society, this entity wants absolute domination. He knows he cannot get it through the truth, only through lies. Thus he takes refuge in jokes and attacks on minorities.

In the Batman comics, the hero fights against the Clown Prince, the Joker, so that he cannot rule over his city. The Clown Prince is insane and has pale, white skin and the ethics of a beast. And now the Joker ascends to power in the real world, with his white skin and his blond hair, the embodiment of a Nazi dream.



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