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Contemporary Feminism and Dangal – The Problems Facing India and the World Today

28.12.16   Dangal is a recent film about Indian women’s wrestling. It is a box office phenomenon in India. It looks set to be the highest grossing Hindi movie of this year, if not of all time. Dangal is based upon a true story. A man from a small village, Mahavir Singh Phogat, sets his … Continue reading

The Attack of the Flying Squirrel – A British Asian Christmas 2016

26.12.16   Sometimes, after dinner, I take a walk. Today my mother cooked me Chinese stir fried rice with chicken and vegetables. My mother is an amazing cook. She can cook the cuisine of any country. She can cook Italian, Chinese, English. Anything she puts her mind to. And it is always with an Indian … Continue reading

The Lingua Franca – A British Asian Story

21.12.16   One promises oneself the night. The story is ready for the world even if the world is not ready for the story. And so I sit in my black pyjamas. In a black top. Before a black laptop. At a white desk. Before a mirror filled with my own face. I have not … Continue reading

indian dancer black and white

Indian dancer

Kali Fighting

underwater frogs and fish in colour

The Styles of the Tiger

03.12.16   As I sit and write, a Hindi song is playing. The singer sings, “Oh Life, come and embrace me. For I too have embraced every one of your sorrows”. I listen to the music and recollect, floating with the winds of memory. I was watching an Indian martial arts movie. It is arguable … Continue reading

underwater frogs and fish

Fascism and the Symbol – Casual Ignorance, Censorship and Intolerance

01.12.16   You know, something that doesn’t make its way into the news, textbooks and serious academic journals is our life experience and the conversations we overhear in life. I have heard horrible things coming out of the mouths of cab drivers who were driving me in a personal capacity. I have heard horrible things … Continue reading