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Reviewing Assassination: The Plan to Kill Donald Trump

30.01.17   I read an article the other day about “The Brit Who Tried to Kill Trump”. I was particularly interested in the plan that the guy had come up with. The media have tried to brand the would-be assassin as someone with mental health problems. However, I will do him the service of treating … Continue reading

Indian Eve

Reflecting on Fitness Web comic

Many Colourful Fish in the Sea

The Stupid White Male Critic: A Response to Mike McCahill’s Review of “Kaabil”

27.01.17   I wrote a film review yesterday after watching “Kaabil”. The review can be found here:   https://sunsm.wordpress.com/2017/01/26/kaabil-film-review/   I gave “Kaabil” a positive review because the film was a response to the injustice of rapist immunity and to the male-dominated legal and political system of power. Today, I read through some other reviews … Continue reading

Kaabil Film Review

26.01.17   “Aadami ka khud pe bharosa uski taqat hoti hai…tum aur main..Hum kamzor nahi hain” “The strength of a human being is having faith in themselves… you and me, we are not weak.”   SPOILER ALERT!   It was the clash of the titans at the Hindi box office this week. I chose the … Continue reading

Reading Jessica Ennis’s Biography “Unbelievable” as an Ex Schoolboy Athlete

24.01.17   I promised myself a treat today. I gave myself two hours to read Jessica Ennis’s biography. I managed the feat with fifteen minutes to spare, devouring the book quickly in one sitting. I have been interested in athletics since I was young. My grandfather was the great athlete of the family. He had … Continue reading

Oscars Racism and White Validation: The Case of the Musical

24.01.17   I have heard white people criticising Hindi films because they are musicals. Anna Morcom writes that “Hollywood and high cultural and Western discourses […] see Hindi films as unrealistic, immature and inferior due to their musical format” (Hindi Film Songs and the Cinema, 2007, 241). In terms of Oscars, this is obvious. Very … Continue reading

A Vision

This is an experimental poem I did in about seven minutes. I haven’t been writing poetry very much lately, so this is kind of a return. It’s been a largely uncreative week in terms of my personal work. No drawing and no writing. I’ve been working on designing a course about my research for secondary … Continue reading

Donald Trump Diss Track

Trump Diss 17.01.2017   https://soundcloud.com/suneel-sm/donald-trump-diss     Fuck You Trump You a chump Filthy like a sewer A trash talker not a doer Came from reality T.V. Got a shit C.V. A career of exploitation Trying to exploit the nation Sense of entitlement big But just a fucking pig Selfish and ignorant Dirty and malignant … Continue reading