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Donald Trump Diss Track

Trump Diss






Fuck You Trump

You a chump

Filthy like a sewer

A trash talker not a doer

Came from reality T.V.

Got a shit C.V.

A career of exploitation

Trying to exploit the nation

Sense of entitlement big

But just a fucking pig

Selfish and ignorant

Dirty and malignant

Yeah you just like pork

All you got is talk

You wear a toupee

You think you the dog that got its day

You bought your way in

And now you think you’re here to stay

Trashing folk on Twitter

I think you need a baby sitter

But I’d rather flush you down the shitter

Cos you like a slimy shit

Bloated and unfit

Just because you a rich white man

You think everyone’s a fan

Targeting women and minorities

I think you need to cease

With your disease

Thinking you the big cheese

Thinking you a messiah

When you really are a liar

All you do is fucking lie

Better if you fuck off and fucking die

You ain’t got an ounce of sense

Where others are pounds you the pence

You don’t want to make America Great

You want to make America Hate

Fuck You Trump

You a chump



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