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Reviewing Assassination: The Plan to Kill Donald Trump



I read an article the other day about “The Brit Who Tried to Kill Trump”. I was particularly interested in the plan that the guy had come up with. The media have tried to brand the would-be assassin as someone with mental health problems. However, I will do him the service of treating him as a human being with agency and thought. I want to assess his plan of action.

The plan was very simple. The would-be assassin was a white man. He used the fact of his acceptance in Western society in his favour. He merged with the crowd around the Trump without bringing any suspicion on himself. He used his skin colour and gender as camouflage. He did not arouse any suspicion at all. He blended in. He was inconspicuous. He pretended to be a Donald Trump supporter. While his aim was murder, he pretended to approach the character in question with love.

The would-be assassin used the security of his skin and gender to approach a policeman. He pretended to be non-threatening. He discussed something with the policeman. He pretended that he had some sort of a problem. He made himself out to be a victim, perhaps. He showed the policeman vulnerability (I speculate here).

It was the point where he showed weakness in which he placed his action. He attempted to seize the policeman’s gun. It is here that one sees the genius in the plan. The young man arrived at the event with no weapon on his person. That would have given him away. However, how can one inflict harm upon one’s enemy then? The young man’s genius was to take his arms from the people that sheltered and protected the would-be president. He took his resources from the massive system that supports rich, white men such as Donald Trump. It was a truly great idea. He used his enemy and the supporters of his enemy to try and wound them. He turned the power of the would-be president against him. It was an act of brilliant subversion and resourcefulness.

The young man’s plan failed because of his lack of strength and fighting prowess. The mind was strong in its will and intent. It was the body that failed. Yet one salutes the mind of the would-be assassin. This mind used the position of powerlessness to attack power. It was that position of powerlessness that gave him his strength and prowess. He was resourceful and intelligent. He was daring and audacious. He really would have made a genius assassin.



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