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Arranged Marriage Rape and Exploitation: How UK Indians are Treating Indian Women

People wonder why I attack the limits of the law and the nation-state. They think it is just an academic exercise. However, the exposure of those limits is to show the limitations of our justice. That exposure shows how the law favours the stronger and fails to protect the weaker. A particularly disgusting example which … Continue reading

The Attack of the Woman’s Letter

25.02.17   My research is in the relationship between law and photography in Victorian fiction. The research has taken me into many strange places. One of the strangest places of all is the literary construction of a jilted woman’s revenge. At first, my bias as a man prevented me from appreciating the full political significance … Continue reading

A Xenophobic Law that Discriminates Against the Poor – Britain in 2017

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I used to be a law student. I went to a top law university and then did a Masters in law. Why did I study law? I wanted to be a judge and change the world. I cared about justice. In fact, nothing fills me with more … Continue reading

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Go Back Home, Darkie: The Racial Politics of the Movie “Lion” and the “Best Supporting Actor” Award

16.02.16   Dev Patel is possibly the most famous male British Asian actor. While he doesn’t star in big budget movies, he gets leading roles in films. He has championed British Asian causes. He has been a vocal critic of the lack of diversity in Hollywood. He has pointed out that Asian men aren’t offered … Continue reading

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