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Arranged Marriage Rape and Exploitation: How UK Indians are Treating Indian Women

People wonder why I attack the limits of the law and the nation-state. They think it is just an academic exercise. However, the exposure of those limits is to show the limitations of our justice. That exposure shows how the law favours the stronger and fails to protect the weaker. A particularly disgusting example which came to my attention will demonstrate what I mean. I am writing about arranged marriage rape and exploitation in Punjab by UK men of Indian descent. They rely on the limits of the nation and the law to abet them in their crimes against women.


The men, probably (but not necessarily) born outside of India, go to India. They arrange marriages. They ask for illegal dowries. They enjoy the honeymoon period of the marriage. Then they abandon their wives and go back home.


The men do this all on the strength of their greater economic status. A third of these criminals are from our country, the UK (or have told their Punjabi wives so). They have shamed and dishonoured our women and our community. They have shamed and dishonoured Punjabi men. They have shamed and dishonoured Punjabi British men. And no one is doing anything about it. Our law and our nations cannot respond to the crimes because they enable it. These are the limits of law and justice. Limits which favour the stronger: British men with money.






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