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Extra Pull-ups and Observations of a Squirrel-Feeder

30.03.17   In the morning, I managed to wake up relatively early. I have been oversleeping recently as I have felt particularly tired. My muscles have also been sore and overstrained in the mornings. I was therefore pleased with myself for getting out of bed and not laying there like a big lump. As usual, … Continue reading

reclining and topless woman

The Loneliness of Suresh Chand

24.03.17   He could no longer write. The dilemma was that the publishers would not accept his work and neither was he prepared to share what he wrote with anyone else unless it had been published. Where the publishers denied him readers, he went one better and denied himself from any possibility of a reader. … Continue reading

Camping in forest

bright buildings and balloon

squirrel and blossoms

flying pigs

Killing the Trump Clown: Snoop Dogg, Hip-Hop, Hate and Free Speech

15.03.17   Snoop Dogg’s recent video, “Lavender”, has aroused Donald Trump’s fury. The music video shows the hip-hop artist aiming a toy pistol at a clown character pretending to be Donald Trump. It has been described by supporters of Trump as a call for political assassination. In this little piece, I will situate Snoop’s artistic … Continue reading

Rape and Guilt: The Lesbian Rapist and the Punishment of the Christian God

  12.03.17   Earlier this month, I was reading about Jodie Foster and her recent political engagement. I spent some time researching her earlier career and found out about her Oscar wins. As I was browsing the information on the internet, I noticed that her co-star in the film in which she had won an … Continue reading

The Mask of the Superhero and the Nakedness of Kali

08.03.17   I was reflecting on the idea of judgement over the past few days. Is it only possible to judge things if one is a good person? Is speech only a privilege that is bestowed upon the good? If this were so, I would be disqualified to judge. I know very well that I … Continue reading