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Extra Pull-ups and Observations of a Squirrel-Feeder



In the morning, I managed to wake up relatively early. I have been oversleeping recently as I have felt particularly tired. My muscles have also been sore and overstrained in the mornings. I was therefore pleased with myself for getting out of bed and not laying there like a big lump. As usual, I flicked through the smartphone when I was lying down. I ignored the big news in the papers today over the EU situation. The people that are in charge aren’t the best people to deal with the situation and they are bound to make a mess out of everything. In fact, I don’t trust politicians and the government anyway, nor do I trust the nation-state. In any case, I was work focused this morning and did not want any distractions. I wanted to start some new pieces of writing.

I went through the standard rituals of brushing my teeth, meditating, chi-building exercises and my daily morning exercise routine. I thought about writing about my chi-building exercises so I could share with other people. I will have to save it for some other day. I got through my usual breakfast which stays unchanged for the most part then I launched into work. First of all, I prepared tomorrow’s lesson for my English students. I put together a Pictionary of shapes and then constructed some worksheets where students will write the names of the shapes as labels for the shapes I have taught them. I then read through the supervisor comments on my last pieces of work and then got into the writing.

After a few hours I went to the gym. I managed to pack in more pull ups into my routine. I am now doing twenty pull ups at the start of my routine and then fifteen at the end. The weight training was hard today and stretched my muscles rather painfully. However, I got through the routine listening to some new Hindi songs on my IPod. The IPod seems to be on its last legs, however. It runs out of battery juice after a day or so and I had to recharge it in the morning so I had music to listen to. I can’t do my routine without music.

The sun was beautifully out today. I put together a quick lunch of plain omelette sandwiches with tomato ketchup, followed by an apple and some dark chocolate. I have also recently began to take Vitamin D and calcium tablets, which followed the meal. I then rushed off to the park to feed the squirrels. My strategy is to find a tree in which the cute little creatures are housed and then waggle a tempting monkey nut in their direction, while I make clucking noises with my tongue, the roof of my mouth and my teeth. I also rattle the box of nuts at the squirrels. A woman slumped up next to one of the trees gave me a curious look while I was engaged in my calls. The squirrels always come in the same fashion. They come on a greatly diverted and curving path towards me. They do not fully trust until you have given them some cause for trust in the form of nuts. The curving path which they take is better than the movement from A to B. It gives the squirrels a look-out for any threats which they may face. The cautious curve is a much better one than a straight one for incorporating a greater vantage. I had the usual annoyances while I was feeding the squirrels. Some of them wouldn’t trust me enough to eat out of my hands and the squirrels were scared of the dogs that people had taken out walking. They scurried up the trees when they approached and wouldn’t come back down until an age afterwards.

I spent some time in the gardens after feeding the squirrels, who chased me as usual while I walked away when I was out of nuts. The pink blossoms on one of the trees were especially lovely as well as the careful shaping of the gardens. Quite a few of the gardeners were out tending to the trees and plants and there were also a lot of people in the park today. When the sun comes out, everyone comes out. Usually I am there by myself with the few solitary joggers and dog walkers.

I got back home and had a glass of cold milk with a spoonful of cherry jam and peanut butter, as well as an oat biscuit. I then began on the work again. I concentrated on a novel where a tattoo is being read as a will. As I worked, the freezer was making grumbles of protest. It has been noisy and naughty since yesterday. I was alone in the house as my mother had gone to the temple.

Dinner was boiled vegetables with spinach fried in olive oil and a chicken kiev made out of real, unprocessed chicken breast. It was a treat that I had brought for myself as I usually consider it too expensive. I have started drinking cherry juice with my meals at night as I have read that it is good for sleeping. After dinner, I sat and wrote down my diary and went back to what I had written to develop my points. It has been a productive day.




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