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An Unexpected Woman and “Grandpa’s Great Escape”

27.04.17   Last week, while I was helping the secondary school children with their homework at the after school children’s club, a girl had to write a pretend diary entry. She began it with “Dear Diary”. I wondered if anyone wrote like that anymore. Was it a feminine thing to do? To address a diary … Continue reading

Giraffe Safari

The Meanings of Ruswa – Word Definitions and the Politics of Emotions

23.04.2017   In Thomas Hardy’s novel, Jude the Obscure, the eponymous character at first makes an elementary mistake in translation. He believes that words have fixed meanings independent of context. It is progress in the language under study that enables Jude to see that context determines meaning. Words have a plasticity, not a fixity. Their … Continue reading

Alice in Antland

Cartoon girl with freckles

The Case of the Missing Picture – A Research Story

16.04.2017   The archive is a particularly unglamorous thing. My own archival research has mostly been spent in online searches using specialised Victorian period resources and databases as a result of the careful curation of electronic sources that have been scanned and uploaded onto the web. It is not very interesting talking about how I … Continue reading

Fox and Squirrel Walking in the Rain

Reclining Nature Goddess in the City

The Rights of the River Goddess: Environmental Law, Legal Fiction and Hinduism in India

05.04.16   The river Ganges came down from heaven as a goddess. The force of her waters was so powerful that it threatened to consume the earth. The god Shiva had to take the brunt of the goddess upon his matted hair so that the meeting of the Ganges and the earth did not destroy … Continue reading