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The Loneliness of Suresh Chand

24.03.17   He could no longer write. The dilemma was that the publishers would not accept his work and neither was he prepared to share what he wrote with anyone else unless it had been published. Where the publishers denied him readers, he went one better and denied himself from any possibility of a reader. … Continue reading

Diary Entry 24.06.17 – Meeting and Working with Adele, the famous singer. Art Therapy and Some Conversations.

I woke up at six in the morning. After meditation, chi-building exercises, some reading, a shave and some breakfast, I was ready to leave the house at half past seven. My first destination was the refugee and migrant centre. I printed off notes and worksheets for the students and then unfolded and set out the … Continue reading

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Diary Entry 16.06.17 – Japan on TV, Sex and Play and the Grenfell Tower Fire

Writing is a risky business. You never know exactly what is going to come out or whether anyone will want to read it or not. Some take the risk and it pays. Others take the risk and produce something that is a monstrosity: a text which none will read. The risk taker, I believe, must … Continue reading

Anne Frank, Fairness and Science Fiction

Diary Entry 15.06.17   I am, like most men, a creature of habit. I spend a significant amount of my time in libraries, scanning the volumes on the shelves. I read the back covers of the interesting titles and flick through pages. Just a few days ago, I was performing my usual bookish rituals in … Continue reading

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My reflections on this unnecessary and pointless election, and its unpleasant results

10.06.17   This election has, in many ways, been a replay of the Referendum. In both cases, there was a Tory Prime Minister that called for an unnecessary election. The Tory Prime Minister counted on the people supporting them wholeheartedly and the public went against what they were expecting. It was the over confidence of … Continue reading

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