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My reflections on this unnecessary and pointless election, and its unpleasant results



This election has, in many ways, been a replay of the Referendum. In both cases, there was a Tory Prime Minister that called for an unnecessary election. The Tory Prime Minister counted on the people supporting them wholeheartedly and the public went against what they were expecting. It was the over confidence of the Tory Prime Minister in both cases that went against them. The Prime Ministers were out of the touch with the people. They did not understand the will of the people and overestimated their own support and their own power to persuade. It is a Tory trait: they think that just because they think something, that everyone else who is “reasonable” will think what they think. These people can’t see outside of their own position. They think that anybody that does not think like them is in the margin, when they are not. The Tories are arrogant and cannot relate to other people outside of their own.


The unpleasant consequences of the election are just like those following the referendum. There is great uncertainty and, because May has no scruples, an outsider, nothing party called the DUP is going to gain access to power. The DUP has filthy policies and a filthy mindset. They are exactly what the political mainstream should be trying to keep out of power, not including. May has confirmed her character. This Prime Minister, who would never criticise any of the disgusting actions of Trump, is now getting in bed with the excrement of society. This is the outcome and the result of putting an unelected person into power who does not enjoy the support of the people and for voting Tory. Well done, Britain. As per usual, you have made the wrong choice.



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