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Sultan and Atlanta – An Indian Version of a Greek Myth

19.07.16   Sultan was the biggest box office hits in Hindi film ever. However, the story in the film is entirely unoriginal, even though it has been updated. The story is based on the Greek myth of Atlanta. The myth of Atlanta is about winning a woman over in a competition, by fair means or … Continue reading

gymnast on beam

Kali Dancing On Shiva

Why Is She Dancing On Shiva? Shiva, in the Shaivite tradition, is the all pervading eternal primeval consciousness of the universe and beyond. It is upon the ultimate, unchanging time-less reality of Shiva, that Kali (time) does her dance, causing the constant cycles of creation, life and death of all things in the universe. Shiva … Continue reading

the corners of her eyes

(Note: This story was published in 2006 for my university newspaper. It is the first story I ever illustrated of my own, indeed the only one I have ever illustrated so far, and is an experimental piece of writing).   Blonde she was, publicly, undeniably so. A blondeness that struck at the eyes and inspired … Continue reading

under the sea

Leela (Film Poster)