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Having someone to dress for – 05.07.15

As I was thinking of what to wear today, I was musing on the philosophy behind the quandary. Sometimes, when I wear casual clothes, I want to fit in. I don’t want to make an impression on anyone. So I just wear what is conventional. In this scenario, clothes are a sort of social camouflage, … Continue reading

Hats and Mystery

18.03.15   Today, while coming back home from central London to the Eastern part of London where I live, I sat next to a young, Asian girl who was wearing a wide-brimmed hat. The hat, which was black, quite wide-brimmed and which had a glossy, black band running around its centre, covered most of her … Continue reading

Clothes Envy and Gender

17.03.15   I was walking down the main street in my local area the other day when I noticed a short fellow wearing a bright green duffel coat walking towards me. Now, green, above all other colours, has gradually ascended in my estimation to such an extent that it now holds the place closest to … Continue reading

When is it okay for a man to wear white or brown shoes?

17.03.15   I was recently in town with a young lady and we were talking about fashion choices. I was explaining to her that although I was interested in fashion, I was completely uninterested in buying socks or underwear. My reasoning was that no one was going to see me wearing these items and they … Continue reading

The Seductions of the Suit

05.03.15     River Island – Brown Check Suit – jacket £90, trousers £45 (waistcoat also available)   Today I went back to the River Island store in London to take a closer look at one of the suits they have available. It is a lovely medium brown suit with a beautiful check pattern and … Continue reading

My Tie Collection

26.2.15   As you can see from the photo, my tie collection consists of sixteen pieces. You will also note that I am a fan of a brightly coloured tie, but am not so much a fan of patterned ties, although I do make the odd exception. I believe that ties can bring the intensity … Continue reading

Self-Expression and Creativity in Making Fashion Choices

24.2.15   Like the rest of the people in the Western world, I believe that my fashion choices reflect aspects of my personality. When I wear clothes, they are really symbols, or a type of language which explains who I am. Hence, for example, I will only buy and wear analogue watches which have an … Continue reading

The Case of the White Leather Jacket

23.2.15   I often go window shopping and look at amazingly beautiful and amazingly expensive things which I cannot afford to buy and will never own. You could call it a masochistic exercise, a tantalisation of the senses, or you could just call it the exploratory excursions of a man who likes to know what … Continue reading