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Donald Trump Diss Track

Trump Diss 17.01.2017   https://soundcloud.com/suneel-sm/donald-trump-diss     Fuck You Trump You a chump Filthy like a sewer A trash talker not a doer Came from reality T.V. Got a shit C.V. A career of exploitation Trying to exploit the nation Sense of entitlement big But just a fucking pig Selfish and ignorant Dirty and malignant … Continue reading

Free Music – My album ‘Indian Tiger’

Listen to the best tracks from my unreleased album “Indian Tiger” here: Tiger – https://soundcloud.com/suneel-sm/tygger Wanna Roll – https://soundcloud.com/suneel-sm/wanna-roll Show Me Something – https://soundcloud.com/suneel-sm/show-me-something Let Me Love You – https://soundcloud.com/suneel-sm/let-me-love-you I am coming out of musical retirement and as a result I am bringing you the sound that the world was not ready for many … Continue reading