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Diary Entry 24.06.17 – Meeting and Working with Adele, the famous singer. Art Therapy and Some Conversations.

I woke up at six in the morning. After meditation, chi-building exercises, some reading, a shave and some breakfast, I was ready to leave the house at half past seven. My first destination was the refugee and migrant centre. I printed off notes and worksheets for the students and then unfolded and set out the … Continue reading

Diary Entry 16.06.17 – Japan on TV, Sex and Play and the Grenfell Tower Fire

Writing is a risky business. You never know exactly what is going to come out or whether anyone will want to read it or not. Some take the risk and it pays. Others take the risk and produce something that is a monstrosity: a text which none will read. The risk taker, I believe, must … Continue reading

Anne Frank, Fairness and Science Fiction

Diary Entry 15.06.17   I am, like most men, a creature of habit. I spend a significant amount of my time in libraries, scanning the volumes on the shelves. I read the back covers of the interesting titles and flick through pages. Just a few days ago, I was performing my usual bookish rituals in … Continue reading

Horror in the Library and Little Pains

17.05.17   I woke up in the morning reflecting on a piece of writing I had just handed in. I was wondering if it was readable. It is the very beginning of my thesis. The problem with rewriting and rewriting the introduction as I have been doing is that you can no longer read it … Continue reading

An Unexpected Woman and “Grandpa’s Great Escape”

27.04.17   Last week, while I was helping the secondary school children with their homework at the after school children’s club, a girl had to write a pretend diary entry. She began it with “Dear Diary”. I wondered if anyone wrote like that anymore. Was it a feminine thing to do? To address a diary … Continue reading

Extra Pull-ups and Observations of a Squirrel-Feeder

30.03.17   In the morning, I managed to wake up relatively early. I have been oversleeping recently as I have felt particularly tired. My muscles have also been sore and overstrained in the mornings. I was therefore pleased with myself for getting out of bed and not laying there like a big lump. As usual, … Continue reading

Teacher Training and the Teenage Discussion on Masturbation

14.01.17   I made my way down to the Academy in the morning. It was near Shepherd’s Bush. It had been quite a while since I had had a training event there. I was therefore unfamiliar with the route towards the end. It was a fact worth reflecting on. Why was I unable to recall … Continue reading

Diary Entry 06.01.17

The day began at six in the morning. I woke up thinking about a picture that I had completed yesterday. The picture is of Kali, the mother goddess. I drew the original line drawing a few years ago. It was one of the earliest pictures I drew as an adult amateur artist. It had been … Continue reading

The Attack of the Flying Squirrel – A British Asian Christmas 2016

26.12.16   Sometimes, after dinner, I take a walk. Today my mother cooked me Chinese stir fried rice with chicken and vegetables. My mother is an amazing cook. She can cook the cuisine of any country. She can cook Italian, Chinese, English. Anything she puts her mind to. And it is always with an Indian … Continue reading

A trip to the park

27.09.16   Although the sun was out, it was cold enough for the thicker jacket which I zipped up. I had my IPOD playing songs from an old A. R. Rahman composed film soundtrack and felt full up from the chicken curry which I had just had the good fortune to sample for lunch and … Continue reading