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A Vision

This is an experimental poem I did in about seven minutes. I haven’t been writing poetry very much lately, so this is kind of a return. It’s been a largely uncreative week in terms of my personal work. No drawing and no writing. I’ve been working on designing a course about my research for secondary … Continue reading

Poem Dedicated to Our Brother “Barbarians”

My reader, We share a similar tongue, you and I. We understand one another for the most part. And yet, that tongue we share is used by some not for communication, but to bar others from our company, to obliterate them as thinking and feeling persons. Today I read a newspaper article where that act … Continue reading

Poem composed on holiday, with Translation

05.01.16 Duniya mein dilwale milte hai kum Koi dil nahein deta kis bazaar mein agayi hum O nadaan, jab zameen mein payongi woh ratan tum Kya aap ki tanhayee aur takleefein ho jayeingi kum? Translation People with hearts are not often met in this world Nobody gives their heart – into what market have we … Continue reading


shakespeare got it wrong a rose by any other name would not smell as sweet shakespeare didn’t know about branding perfumes now have to have a sexy name and a sexy poster and a sexy model to go with it the smell isn’t even as important as the image which is usually a white woman … Continue reading

More nonsense poems

11.05.15 1 Simon Sneeze Made a cheese out of bees He put on some slippers And ate it with kippers And then he went off to Belize 2 Griselda Grey Would often say She’d marry an elephant As long as he was relevant But she is still single today 3 Mervin Mark Sniffed at a … Continue reading

Another princess is born

02.05.15 Another princess is born into the world and the people cheer. They celebrate. They believe in the importance of birth. Birth. Not deeds. They believe in the importance of blood. They put a figure above themselves willingly. They bow down to blood. They lust for blood. And in the growing pool of blood before … Continue reading

putting the wheels on my feet again

19.04.15 I could not remember when we had last joined forces how long the pair of roller skates had lain in the attic I sat down in the chair with the bag beside me first I put on the armour on my knees and elbows and wrists then I put the wheels on my feet … Continue reading

the eye of water

14.04.15 I watched a cloud move in the surface of the water water was staring at water the water on the ground at the water in the sky the water was all the mirror the vision and the reflection

The fish with no form

13.04.15 The fish I caught had no form. It only gained it when I pinned it down with my pen, my pin, my hook and my line.

The City of Your Eyes

12.04.15 Inspired by a phrase from a Hindi Song When I wander in the city of your eyes I take the main road but all the while I wonder what happens in the back streets and side alleys when I wander in the city of your eyes