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the corners of her eyes

(Note: This story was published in 2006 for my university newspaper. It is the first story I ever illustrated of my own, indeed the only one I have ever illustrated so far, and is an experimental piece of writing).   Blonde she was, publicly, undeniably so. A blondeness that struck at the eyes and inspired … Continue reading

The Loneliness of Suresh Chand

24.03.17   He could no longer write. The dilemma was that the publishers would not accept his work and neither was he prepared to share what he wrote with anyone else unless it had been published. Where the publishers denied him readers, he went one better and denied himself from any possibility of a reader. … Continue reading

The Glass Die

05.08.15 ‘What does a cat say when it sees something amazing? Mi-wow!’ Our uncle was always telling us little jokes like that which he’d made up. He’d sit there with a dreamy expression on his face, silent for a few minutes, then he’d come out with something like that. We’d learnt to savour the time … Continue reading

The Feeling

The Feeling It was hard when the feeling set in. He found it hard. It would come when the day was clear and cool and there was no movement to the air. The day would always begin fine. He would be doing the things that he did always. He would be lying on his bed … Continue reading

The Cocoon

The Cocoon Ever since he had been a boy, his ambition in life had been to write. Throughout the years at school and then at college and university, he had seized upon every opportunity to read and read and hone his talent. Eventually, he had become famous, but not by the typical routes of patronage … Continue reading

The Beautiful Coat

The Beautiful Coat The woman with the milky white skin and the small frosty smile had been sat in the bar for well over an hour. She was drinking a gin and tonic and I never would have noticed her, but for the beautiful coat she was wearing. It was really some piece of work … Continue reading


Swimmer The river shivered in the cold and I rose from its dark depths, gulping for air while water filled my lungs. My body felt unreal, like metal. All it wanted to do was to suck up heat – it was so cold, so cold. I felt paralysed with the cold, but I was moving. … Continue reading


Antics I had been watching it. I saw it larger than life: an ant. At first, it strolled. The sun came and it stopped, attentively. But then the fun began. It ran feverishly into one direction, then the other. It ran in circles, like a splinter of speed. I concentrated upon it. All at once, … Continue reading

An Eye on You

An Eye on You He was lying there, still twitching with the last angry blotches of life. His lips had been baked in the sun and he groaned. He did not notice me at first in his agonies. He was busy cursing the gods and the fates and everything else. I did not feel sorry … Continue reading

A Cooler Love

A Cooler Love The museum was almost empty, echoing like a high-ceilinged vault with her monotonous steps. She found she had no real interest in the exhibits, seeing nothing that she had not seen before, all of it duller than she remembered. The ancients fascinated her always, but today there was some change in the … Continue reading