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Island Swimmer

My reflections on this unnecessary and pointless election, and its unpleasant results

10.06.17   This election has, in many ways, been a replay of the Referendum. In both cases, there was a Tory Prime Minister that called for an unnecessary election. The Tory Prime Minister counted on the people supporting them wholeheartedly and the public went against what they were expecting. It was the over confidence of … Continue reading

Reclining Nature Goddess in the City

Reading Jessica Ennis’s Biography “Unbelievable” as an Ex Schoolboy Athlete

24.01.17   I promised myself a treat today. I gave myself two hours to read Jessica Ennis’s biography. I managed the feat with fifteen minutes to spare, devouring the book quickly in one sitting. I have been interested in athletics since I was young. My grandfather was the great athlete of the family. He had … Continue reading

The Jewish New Year at the Park: The Celebrations of the Majority and the Celebrations of the Minorities

01.01.2017   It is New Year’s Eve in England. People roam freely in the middle of the night. They don’t fear any attack. Women feel safe. The people drink freely. Many people are intoxicated. They believe that drinking will not raise safety concerns. They are safe in the knowledge that no one will want to … Continue reading

Kali Fighting

Fascism and the Symbol – Casual Ignorance, Censorship and Intolerance

01.12.16   You know, something that doesn’t make its way into the news, textbooks and serious academic journals is our life experience and the conversations we overhear in life. I have heard horrible things coming out of the mouths of cab drivers who were driving me in a personal capacity. I have heard horrible things … Continue reading

The Body Beautiful

24.11.16   When you’re researching, all you think about is time. You must prioritise research over everything else. I don’t have time for this. I don’t have time for that. You promise yourself that when your research is finished, then you will have all the time in the world to do the things that you … Continue reading

“A Dickless Fuck” – Trump and the Cult of the Non-Man

22.11.16   There is a word in Hindi which is naamard. It means a non-man. As I looked over the newspapers on the internet today reporting on the fiasco with Donald Trump and Nigel Farage over the issue of Britain’s ambassador, I was reminded of this word.   Instead on focusing on the fact that … Continue reading

Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize for Literature

02.11.16   It is no surprise that whenever an exception is made in the awarding of Nobel Peace prizes that it favours the white majority and their ideology. Thus, the youngest Nobel prize winner in history for the Peace category just happens to be a Muslim woman that was oppressed by militant Muslim men in … Continue reading